Material compliance in the manufacturing industry

Products all over the world are subject to numerous statutory compliance requirements – and that too, industry-wide. The aim is to protect human beings and the environment as well as to avoid waste and improve recycling. Meanwhile, the material reporting system extends across the entire supply chain and is subject to constant innovations. Product development that meets compliance requirements is, therefore, increasingly complex and is, at the same time, a prerequisite for corporate success.

This is where the data management solution by DXC Technology, namely Compliance Data Exchange (CDX), comes into play. The system allows companies in the manufacturing sector to collect, edit and analyse all the data that they need for their material compliance. They can accurately trace which materials their products contain and can transmit this information. Thus, they can strictly adhere to international regulations (e.g. REACH, ELV, RoHS, WEEE, HKC, Conflict Minerals) concerning handling and reporting of the relevant materials. It will also be possible to meet the requirements of the new SCIP database, which will be mandatory from January 2021, by means of an appropriate interface.

Advantage: CDX is a web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. This way, you save on time and costs incurred on implementing a software or hardware.

As an DXC Technology partner, we provide support for using CDX in your company. We advise you on how you can design your material reporting process flows even more productively. With our service module CDX Starter Guidance we help you to implement the CDX system in your company. If required, we can offer you additional services. With our CDX training courses you are prepared for the correct handling of the system.

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Your clients would like to count on you and you would want to fall back on the material data of your suppliers. However, compiling and processing all the material data can mean an enormous amount of work. Moreover, you bear the responsibility for the accuracy of your material data towards your clients. We advise how best to organise your operational procedures in all matters relating to IMDS and CDX keeping all these aspects in mind.

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Our services are personalised and highly flexible. We do not make standard offers but compile custom-made solutions ideally suited for you on an individual case basis. Our team of highly specialised employees makes it possible to offer unique solutions and complete orders on time. compliance professional employs engineers and environmental auditors in the know of the requirements of the manufacturing industry.

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Are you in search of training courses precisely tailored to your needs? With compliance professional you have the support of an experienced training partner which is authorised by DXC Technology (formerly HPE). Our trainings are perfectly aligned for users, decision makers or administrators. Right from basic courses, training courses with focus on special requirements in the field of Material Compliance, down to CDX and IMDS training courses designed especially for your company, we offer the most diverse spectrum of training courses worldwide.

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